Is Fast Food Healthy?

Madison Patel

Fast food has the image of being greasy, fake, and fattening.  When someone thinks of fast food, they automatically think unhealthy.  But is that really the case?

Maybe your date stands you up; maybe your pet alligator passed away; maybe you have just had a long rough day.  Fast food is something that is there for you no matter what.  It is the friend that was always there for you.  Although you typically don’t have to pay for friends, this friend is cheap enough to keep your mental health thriving.

Not only does this friend of yours keep you sane, it can also help you with your weight gain.  Fast food can be extremely high in calories, which is always something to look at when trying to gain weight.  There is also a variety of healthier options, especially at Chick-fil-A, if you are wanting to stay lower in calories.  It tends to have very high levels of protein which everyone looks for in their diet.  Protein can help you to look like the beefy bodybuilder of your dreams.

Next time you eat fast food (or pay for the friend that’s always there for you), think of the benefits.  It’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while.  So, go get that spicy McChicken with a large fry and coke and think of the good you are doing for yourself.