Tips for Staying on Top of School in Quarantine

Abigail Wurth

The Covid-19 pandemic is having many effects on the academic year for the third year in a row. Some of the effects are social, such as having to wear masks and social distance, while others directly affect a student’s ability to actively participate in their education, such as being required to quarantine. While in quarantine, many other distractions can present themselves, making it hard for students to actively participate in their learning and stay up to date on all classwork and assignments. While learning from home is not ideal, these are several ideas to help students to stay on track.

Keep a calendar: Write out the due dates for all assignments and cross them off as they are finished as to not accidentally forget an assignment.

Set alarms: Set alarms for the beginning of each class period so that you make sure to attend each class and don’t accidentally skip by getting caught up in work for another class.

Take breaks: While it is easy to get set up at home and not take a break for several hours, it is important that you get up and take breaks periodically. Between classes, take a walk around your house just to get you blood pumping. Remember, if you were at school, you would have to walk to a different classroom, so this is the same concept.

Have a routine: It is important to keep a routine so that you can stay on top of your work while not getting overwhelmed. Build in time to spend on yourself and your mental health.

Set time limits on your phone. Help yourself stay productive by setting time limits on your phone on apps that might distract you until you have finished your schoolwork.

While being quarantined is not an ideal situation, it is important to stay on top of schoolwork to keep your grades up and to not fall behind for when you are able to return to school. While everyone goes about dealing with this situation differently, the ultimate goal is to find the way that will work best for you. These tips are designed to help you do just that. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you must quarantine, give these tips a try and see which ones will work best for you.