Here’s What Happening at the PT Library

Grace Mabry

School is starting back, and the Paducah Tilghman Library is open for business! Many new things you can look forward to seeing this year include Book Club, a small café, and a monthly program put on by the McCracken County Library. With Book Club starting in soon, the PT Page-turners will be gathering interest for new members in the next few weeks. If you enjoy reading or are looking to spark an interest in reading, the book club is a great extracurricular to join. The Paducah Tilghman Page Turners’ activities include reading and discussing young adult literature, helping with the book fair, and taking field trips related to what they are reading. The club meets once a month. For any more information contact librarian Mrs. Wyant.  

Mrs. Wyant has also made it even easier to read all the books you want. With her book exchange program with the McCracken County Public Library, she can get any book you request from the library if it isn’t available in our school’s library. The Paducah Tilghman library still has many options to choose from to read. Mrs. Wyant has been using the hashtag #readharderpaducah to challenge and inspire students to find a passion for reading. There are no rules to this challenge, all you need to do is follow @readharderpaducah2021 on Instagram or Facebook. Once you join you can share your progress and show what books you are currently reading. Under the hashtag you also have the option of joining an online discussion between fellow students. 

The Paducah Tilghman Library has recently been awarded money from Paducah City Schools foundation. With help from The Tilghman Bell, Mrs. Wyant will work to archive and preserve Tilghman history, such as old articles from The Tilghman Bell. 

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more, you can find Ms. Wyant in the Paducah Tilghman library or you can click here to find her contact information.