Tilghman Seniors Involved in Youth LEAD

Aneeza Ali, News Writer

Many students at Paducah Tilghman are involved in numerous programs around the community. A program that the chamber of commerce offers in partnership with Tilghman is Youth LEAD. Youth LEAD is a program designed to help students develop leadership skills in schools around the county. We are fortunate to have students experience this opportunity: seniors Zabrina Hunter, Gabby Copeland, Renee Chua, Lily Holm, Lois Akpabio, Kate LeBuhn and Dana Hernandez. 

Akpabio shared her personal experiences with the program, claiming she has a shy personality. When introduced to Youth LEAD it put her next to personalities both big and small. This taught her that “No matter how shy I am, what I am most definitely bold and confident about is my work ethic, willingness to speak up for others, and my place as a leader in this community.” Youth LEAD helped her find true leadership and build personal skills along the way, shy or bold you have a place and voice in this community. 

Besaw remarks on her favorite place visited when a part of the program. Pipers Tea and Coffee, interestingly enough, has a lot of history behind it, attracting teenagers and their obsession with coffee drinks as well as keeping them engaged in the true meaning behind the establishment. The kind environment and historical background made this her favorite part of learning about leadership here in Paducah.  

Both seniors claim that Youth LEAD also introduced them to a variety of students around the area. They were able to branch out and introduce themselves to new ideas and opinions of other students, helping them adapt their skills. Each person Is a leader no matter the popularity or status of a person, but instead the moral and willingness to listen to others. 

As Besaw’s and Akpabio’s involvement in the Youth LEAD program end, applications open for students in the 11th grade. Be sure to message Mrs. Rogers for more information.