Donda vs. Certified Lover Boy: Which is Better?

Jane Taylor, Staff Writer

Whether you wear his Yeezy shoe brand on the regular or think he is the best rapper all time, you’ve probably heard of Kanye West. On the other hand, you may also have heard of the classic, light-skin legend, Drake. Everyone has been talking about their most recent albums, “Donda” and “Certified Lover Boy.”

The reviews are very mixed, but the competition is high between the albums. Lots of students at Tilghman are talking about the two, and the debate is ongoing.

Parker Guyette (10) said, “The ‘Donda’ album is better because Drake’s album got carried by features on his songs.”

Sydnee Harris (10) agrees with Guyette in that, “’Certified Lover Boy’ has too many feelings (associated with the songs), and I don’t want to feel love right now.”

Most of the students interviewed, however, agreed ‘Certified Lover Boy’ was the better album.

Xsavier Cleary (10) said, “There are more songs on the album that are better than ‘Donda,’ and even though the ‘Donda’ chant (a song in Kanye’s album) goes hard, Drake is still the better artist.”

Justice Campbell (11) said, “Drake put more of his feelings and effort into his songs which made them better.”

Ava Smith (10), Coryon Brooks (9), Maisie Harris (12), Sloane Edwards (11) and Emma Waltmon (11) are all in agreement with Xsavier and Justice for Drake’s album.

A recent poll given to all the students at PTHS gave everyone a chance to voice their favorite album. The more popular album is ‘Certified Lover Boy’ with 75 percent of the students favoring this album, while the other 25 percent of students favor ‘Donda.’

The opinions are still circulating of the two albums, so open Spotify or Apple Music and create your own!