A Day in the Life of Mr. Nantz


Emily Shumaker

Mr. Nantz is somewhat of a legend at Paducah Tilghman Highschool. From his signature Nantz pats during tests to his interesting movie choices, most everyone that passes through these halls knows who he is. Although we are all aware of his persona during class, one can’t help but wonder who Mr. Nantz is outside of school walls.

At around 5 a.m., Mr. Nantz wakes up for the day and the first thing on his mind is all of the work he must complete throughout the school day. Although it isn’t the most ideal thing to think about, some could argue that he might be somewhat of a workaholic.

He reluctantly helps his eight-year-old son get ready for school as best he can, while trying to avoid any temper tantrums that will be thrown his way. He then sparkles his teeth with Crest toothpaste and takes one last look in the mirror to make sure his sunglasses tan line is top tier and ready for the day.

Mr. Nantz heads to school and arrives by 6:50 to start his first-class teaching double-block. After making it through two classes, third period is the most important time of the day. This is when he refills his coffee cup, which the whole class is forced to sit and listen to. Mr. Nantz could be described as a coffee addict, to put it in nicely.

Fifth period is his planning as well as his lunch, which he spends catching up on work and eating his leftovers from the night before. This usually consists of chicken and steak since he’s not really a pizza guy. (I know, weird right?)

As the bell for seventh hour rings, he packs up and heads home. Upon arrival, he greets his wife and son before heading to the back porch with an iced tea in hand. After a long day teaching hormonal teenagers, iced tea is a must. Eight o’clock p.m. is the cutoff for Mr. Nantz. He makes sure to get his beauty sleep so that he be the best teacher he can for the upcoming day.