First District Choir Concert


Jackson Williams

Dr. Brad Almquist directs the first district choir during rehearsal in the courtyard.

Grace Mabry

The First District Choir Concert was Tuesday, Sept. 28, in the Paducah Tilghman auditorium. The students performed in masks to honor the mask mandate. Five schools in the district were invited to the event, including Ballard Memorial High School, Calloway County High School,  Graves County High School, McCracken County High School and Paducah Tilghman High School.

The students selected from these five schools will performed five selections directed by Dr. Brad Almquist and were accompanied by Devonda Treece. Dr. Brad Almquuist is the professor and director of choral activities in the department of music at Murray State University. The five pieces that the students performed were, “Kyrie” by Josef Gabriel Rheinberger, “Poor Man Lazarus” by Jester Hairston, “Like a River in My Soul” by Tim Osiek and Dan Forrest, “Fences” by Andre J. Thomas and “The Word was God” by Rosephanye Powell.

The students from Tilghman invited to perform included students from every grade. Seniors were Lois Akpabio, Gabby Copeland, Gloree Nell Wood, Kadejah Clark, Maci Robinson, Mandy Rowton, Jada Westbrook, Nadiya Williams, Danny Preklas, Luke Birdsong and Gage Gottman. Juniors invited were Max Truitt, Addie Franklin, Alayna Watkins, Jensen Knudsen, Maya Romanak, Gus Page, Amarie Smith, Lucas Wadley, Leon Dos Remedios and Haddon Shively. Sophomores were Fiona Caywood, Weslyn Durfee, Jacob Julian, Liam Black and Henry Stratemeyer.  Lastly, freshman were CoryOn Brooks, H.G. Page, Dawson Black and Griffin Dortch.

The First District Choir was an amazing event for these talented singers to get together with other talented students from the district to have fun and make music.