Why You Should Join a Team Sport

Jackson Williams

 There are many team sports offered at Tilghman, including, but not limited to, track, soccer, basketball, football, cross country, and volleyball. With all the different sports there is most likely something for everyone. Plus, you can gain many things from participating in a sport, like friendships, experiences and better health. 

Taking up a sport can bring about some very deep friendships and emotional connections, as hard workouts and training is an excellent way to bond. The games and common interest will also bring about a team mindset that wants the betterment of everyone. These moments of success and even loss will push the team together. So, if you could use more meaningful friendships, consider joining a team sport. 

Sports can also help you get into a better college, as most colleges will look at your extracurricular activities. Even if you aren’t the best on the team, a team sport is a helpful tool to have on your resume. A sport can also be a great way to experience things you couldn’t by yourself, especially the working of a team goal. This team mindset can bring about many inside jokes and fun things inside the team. Team sports are full of fun experiences and jokes, but are also a great addition to your college application. 

Finally, there are numerous health benefits associated with team sports including self-esteem, reduction of pressure and stress, and the physical benefits from maintaining a healthy weight. Team sports can boost your self-esteem. From failure to your highest moments of success, you will realize that there is nothing you can’t do without confidence. It also helps reduce stress, by providing you with a support system for when things do go wrong. Lastly, it helps you maintain weight which lowers chances of osteoporosis and breast cancer later in life. Overall, you can be helped in life by joining a sport. 

Thanks to the various physical extracurriculars offered by Tilghman, if you discover you don’t like a certain sport you can always try a new one. I do believe though that there is a sport for everyone, and you should take advantages of the many benefits.