New Head of New Tornado Alley Has Big Plans to Improve Tilghman Students’ Quality of Education

Fiona Caywood, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Ms. Azia Rouse is the new head of Tornado Alley. Rouse is a 2012 graduate from Paducah Tilghman. After graduation, she moved on to the University of Kentucky and earned a bachelor’s degree in family science and a master’s degree in social work. 

Rouse was excited when the job opened, as Tilghman was her old high school, and she was already familiar with many students at Tilghman and in our community. 

Rouse was inspired to apply for this job by her love of working with youth and passion for assisting them with any needs they may have. Rouse said, “I want to help them overcome barriers so they can be their best self.”  

Rouse sponsors two clubs at Tilghman: Boys to Gentlemen (B2G) and Becoming Accomplished, Beautiful, Excellent, and Successful (BABES). Both these clubs are mentoring groups for both male and females that partake in enrichment activities. 

Rouse wants Tornado Alley to be a welcoming environment for all students and active in the community.

“More service, more interaction, more hands-on. I want it to be more than just school supplies and clothing.” she says. She believes Tornado Alley’s purpose is to service students and to remove obstacles between the community and school to give them the best education possible. Rouse believes everyone deserves the proper recourses to be successful in school. She does not think it is fair for certain students to have access to certain recourses or adequate treatment due to issues they face outside of school, and she plans to do everything she can to even the playing field so all students can have a successful education at Tilghman.