Tik Tok trend “Devious Licks” Gets Out of Hand

Dana Hernandez, Aneeza Ali, and Abigail Wurth

There has been a trend spiraling on TikTok known as “Devious Licks.” In this trend, students are seen stealing or breaking school property as a “joke.”  This trend has brought about lots of vandalism in our school, especially in bathrooms where it is harder to be caught. It has put a huge strain on our custodial staff who are already working diligently to keep us safe during this pandemic.

One of our staff members who has experienced this firsthand Mr. Kelley, said, “During this pandemic, we have already asked so much of our amazing custodial staff, and they have responded with good cheer and professionalism. Adding senseless vandalism repair to their ever-expanding list of duties is not only heartless, it is self-destructive!”

This trend has also hurt the trust between teachers and students and put teachers in an inconvenient situation. Mr. Kelley also said, “Teachers are in an impossible situation. Students want to trust and respect from us, and we want to give it, but how do we move on once you’ve stolen personal items from our desks or off our walls?”

This TikTok trend that started out as a joke has brought profound consequences to the forefront.  Our administration has reminded us of countless times the burden we place on not only the material items but the custodial staff. Principal Stieg said, “It has cost us time and money.” Soap dispensers are being torn off walls and personal items are being stolen for fun and games. She also said, “I have to pull custodians off of their normal duties and they have to clean up the mess.” This takes away from time they could spend doing better things rather than dealing with foolishness. We should also take into consideration that we are in a pandemic. Having soap and paper towels is important to keeping ourselves clean.  

Although this is a school-wide problem, only a few are participating in this trend. Other students also believe that it has gotten out of hand. Junior Alicia Durfee said, “You don’t gain anything when stealing for the school.”  The people who are caught with these actions will be held responsible. Mrs. Steig has made it clear that she is searching for cameras to find these people. After all, Tilghman is our home and as Mrs. Stieg said, “We don’t steal from our home.”