Fall Break Beach Essentials

Maddie VanderBoegh

As fall break is approaching the first week of October, many people are starting to plan last minute trips or start packing for a trip they have been waiting for since August to go on. The most common vacation for fall break is considerably the beach. You must make sure you pack accordingly for your beach vacation. If you don’t, are you really going to the beach?

The first thing you must be sure to pack is every single bathing suit you own. It is always good to keep your options open, right? Well even if you pack too many at least you’ll be able to be the only person on the beach to wear two different bathing suits on the beach every day. Also, it is essential to get those pictures for the gram, so pack your bathing suits accordingly.

The next thing that is an absolute must have on a beach vacation is sunglasses, and not just one pair. Multiple pairs of sunglasses are essential to a successful beach trip. Each outfit that you wear must have a matching pair of sunglasses, it just makes sense. Once again, pictures for the gram have got to be awesome and you don’t want to be squinting at them, do you?

Some essentials for actually being on the beach are a shovel and bucket to make sandcastles. We may be in high school, but you can never be too old to make a sandcastle. Another essential thing for the pool or the beach is a towel. Pick your favorite beach towel out of your closet and immediately put it in your bag when packing.

Lastly, one of the most essential things you can bring with you on a trip to the beach is sunscreen. The last thing you want to do on vacation is get as red as a lobster on the first day and be in pain for the rest of the trip. Sunscreen is highly recommended and will help you out a lot while at the beach.