Media Affect How Teens Act

Jack Butts

Many teens today tend to base their personalities and social tendencies towards those in TV, film and social media. The class clowns of the school often seem to resemble those such as Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler. Students watch popular shows like “The Office,” “The Hangover” series, and “Grown Ups” to help grow their personality. After watching these types of films, students will often use certain phrases or voice mimics to help bring about the characters personality into the real world. By doing this it will help bring about friendships and social skills.

Studies show that many children that watch television from a younger age, specifically “Sesame Street,” that in their teenage years their IQ increased and have higher maturity levels. Teens tend to shape their personalities off of those they idealize the most such as actors. Actors are good and bad role models due to the fact that they are playing a certain character and can reflect a bad image on teens and children. Teens today base looks, personality, and many other traits off of those they look up to. This can lead to hurting one’s self-esteem if they don’t believe that meet societal goals which is a large problem in today’s new world which is heavily based on celebrities and the internet.

Though there is some bad in today’s social media there are many good things as well. Social media helps bring teens and others together from all over the world. It also allows anyone to connect over common interest such as movies, shows, and video games. This helps grow friendships which can help create social skills which are a huge part of life. Overall the positive and negative effects are very equal but you must be cautious while using any social media platform to help protect mental health.