Best Halloween Costumes To Dress Up As 2021

Madison Patel

Halloween is the time of the year to showcase your creativity.  We all know those people who pick the most basic costumes every year, such as a boring house animal or a lifeless vampire.  Don’t settle for something that has been used for years on end; go for something that is current in pop culture.  These 3 costumes will keep you in today’s style and help you get all the good looks on Halloween night.

  1. Pitbull– Mr. Worldwide has made a comeback and gained crazed fans faster than anyone this year. Fans have been showing their love to him through TikTok and getting tickets to his I Feel Good Tour.  Don’t let those fans waste their money on seeing him; bring Mr. Worldwide to your local Halloween party.  Get yourself a black tux and aviators and show the world what you’ve got.  Don’t be embarrassed to order that bald cap because Pitbull has been there and done that.
  2. Kim Kardashians 2021 Met Gala– At this year’s Met Gala, Kim surprised everyone when she showed up in an all-black full body suit. This look was the talk of the Met Gala while everyone expected Kim to do a lot better.  If you need a last-minute costume and want to be comfortable this will be a hit.  Just dress in all black or order yourself a full body black suit and you’re good to go.  As simple as it sounds, you’ll still be the talk of Halloween just like Kim was the talk of the Met Gala.
  3. Squid Game Contestant– Netflix’s Squid Game has taking much liking and had a lot of talk all over the internet. According to Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos, the series has shot to the top of the charts and has a very good chance of becoming one of Netflix’s most popular shows to date.  TikTok feeds have been based around this binge-worthy show for weeks.  This is a costume you can do alone or even with a big group of friends.  However, this one takes a little bit more planning in order to buy the contestant suits.  Everyone will know who you are no matter if they have watched the show yet or not.

People will be obsessing over you costume and wishing they had the good looks you have that night.  Many have forgotten the purpose of Halloween and get carried away trying to look their best.  Don’t be shy to express your uniqueness and personality through the things you like.  These Halloween costumes are all great options to make a comeback from the boring aliens you and your friends dressed as last year.