How to Make the Best Spooky Treats

How to Make the Best Spooky Treats

Maliyah Jones

As Halloween is approaching, many are looking for easy themed treats to satisfy their sweet tooth and ways to have fun with loved ones. Here are two super quick, easy, and affordable Halloween treats you can make this season. Feel free to be creative and make these treats your own. Have fun and try adding a personal touch to them. 

For the treats you will need: 

  • A pack of Halloween Oreos 
  • One bag of white melting chocolates 
  • One bag of regular melting chocolates 
  • Piping bags of both black and white detail icing  
  • One bag of thin pretzels 

For the first spooky treat you will need the Oreos, white melting chocolate, and the black detail icing. First, set aside your preferred number of Oreos for this activity. Next you should begin melting the white chocolate in a heat safe container. You can either heat the chocolates in the microwave in small intervals or slowly over the stove. Once done, the chocolate should have a smooth consistency with no clumps. Next, drizzle the liquid white chocolate over the Oreos making them look mummified. Once the chocolate is drizzled, set the Oreos aside to freeze or cool just enough that the chocolate hardens. Once the chocolate is hardened take the detail icing and draw two black eyes. This treat leaves you with the coolest looking mummy treats for you and your family to enjoy. 

For the second treat you’ll need the Oreos, regular melting chocolate, the white detail icing, and the pretzels. You should follow nearly the same beginning steps of the last treat: Melt the chocolate, fully dip the Oreos (don’t drizzle), set aside to cool, and draw the eyes. Once you’ve completed the beginning steps, it’s time to put the final touches. You should break the pretzel sticks in half and put a few on each side of the Oreo, sticking out of the middle. Once this treat is done it should come out looking like cute little spiders. 

Now that you’ve made these fun treats it’s time for you to try them. Enjoy and have a happy Halloween!