Easy Ways to Keep the Environment Cleaner

Emily Shumaker, Sports Editor

Being sustainable is one of the most important things someone can be. Recycling and making smart choices for the environment is easy to do and will help keep the earth clean for future generations to come. Being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you have to recycle everything. Sometimes just bringing a reusable bag to the grocery instead of a plastic one or cleaning up trash in your neighborhood could have a huge impact on the environment around you.

Instead of bringing a plastic water bottle with you everywhere, try using a reusable one. This limits tons of plastic in landfills, not to mention that reusable cups are way cuter anyway. Shopping in bulk is also another great way to keep the environment cleaner. Buying one item at a time leaves a lot more waste than one big package does. Lastly, making sure your waste goes to the right place very important as well. Although it takes a little time to do, it could save loads of waste from being dumped over time.

Overall, doing little things like this can have a huge impact on the environment.