Why You Should Join the Interact Club

Jane Taylor

The Interact club is organized by Paducah Tilghman and is very substantial to helping your future career. The benefits that come with joining Interact include the service hours you can get. There are many volunteer opportunities that you can participate in to get hours to add to your resume or or to use for other clubs and organizations.

Interact is also very organized and you can learn a lot from the meetings. The setup is just like a formal organization, which can be very helpful incase you decide to join a similar organization when you’re older. Interact also goes on a trip every year to El Salvador (not currently due to COVID) and helps build houses for families that don’t have a home. I have not been able to go on this trip yet, but what I’ve heard from many upperclassmen is that it is a very fulfilling and uplifting trip to know that you are helping others in need.

Mr. Rich currently sponsors the Interact Club, so if you are interested in joining, go to his room and ask him about signing up!