Why Fall is the Best Season


Jack Butts, Sports Editor

Starting on Sept. 22, the fall season is always loved and appreciated by many. With pumpkins, colored leaves, fall clothing and the weather, anyone can automatically tell when fall has truly arrived. With the cool weather and changes in nature that come with it, it makes people feel of sense of warmth and gratitude towards the months of September through December.

The weather is a big part of fall, and it is the main reason why so many people enjoy the season. No more sweating buckets and putting on loads of sunscreen or having to wear three layers of clothing. The fall foliage brings about the true beauty of the season with the changing of leaves and crisp air. The bright-colored leaves and pumpkins give a sense of Halloween spirt along with Thanksgiving spirit.

The holidays in the fall are superior in their own ways. Starting with Halloween, it is a fan favorite for all ages including kids to adults being able to scare the kids. Carving pumpkins and jumping in piles of leaves are things every kid loves doing and creates lifelong memories. Next, we have the celebration of Thanksgiving when we celebrate our early creation of a nation. Who doesn’t love eating pounds of food and watching football and the Macy’s parade all day?

From cool weather to many holidays, everyone can always feel when fall has truly arrived.