PTHS Interact Constructs Flower Beds


Alicia Durfee

The Interact Club helped build flower beds for the area senior center.

Aneeza Ali, Newswriter

On Saturday Oct. 30, our Paducah Tilghman Highschool Interact club participated in building flower beds at the Paducah McCracken County Senior Center. They focused on making wood boxes wide enough for a flower bed to be put in the new garden built to create a place of peace for our senior citizens. The Rotary club of Paducah also collaborated with the Interact Club to give back to our elderly community.  

This garden will be the first outdoor garden accessible to all seniors and staff. Accessible to all, elders can plant their own flowers and partake in the joy of a sunny day. It will be built with ramps and walkways that are all wheelchair accessible and will provide space for anyone wanting to go enjoy the beautiful flowers. It is important to create a safe space for our senior citizens, as mental health can be a struggle for people of all ages. The space will provide them a place to take a walk, plant their own flowers, and a get a breath of fresh air. 

Our Interact Club consists of many young teens that focus on giving back to the community. By volunteering for our citizens, they learned how becoming involved can influence others. Junior Alicia Durfee said, “It is important to stay outside, so our generation can get involved.” The students worked from 9 a.m. until noon, helping drill and carry wood as well as calculating the planning around the flower bed.