Past Style Trends Making a Comeback This Year

Ashlyn Story

Following trends is a leading part of many teenagers’ lives. From music to TikTok trends, clothing and more, everyone has followed a trend at least once. While some trends can be controversial, one that you can always count on being safe and fun is following clothing trends. From hair accessories to shoes and socks, here are the top items and styles trending this fall season.

Starting with accessories, some of the most popular this year include mini handbags, hair scarves and claw clips and paper-clip chains. Throwing it back to the early 2000s, mini handbags seem to be back in style this year, which can easily be paired with any outfit you feel most comfortable with. Like many other trending items this fall, ’70s styles continue to make appearances through hair scarves.

Moving on to tops and jackets, favorites this year include oversized, thick sweaters, mock and turtleneck shirts, collars under sweaters and crewnecks, band tees, and something you can never go wrong with, flannels. Sweaters and flannels are timeless and look amazing on everyone. Mock and turtleneck shirts are favorites to be worn alone, or even worn under another shirt, much like wearing collared shirts under sweaters and crewnecks to add a little more to each. Aspects from decades past make an appearance once again through trending band tees, many of which are from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.

Down the list to pants and other bottoms, trending this fall are (’70s!) flare jeans, corduroy, skirts of the pleated, denim, plaid and tennis varieties, and, of course, mom and dad jean styles. People say everything comes back into style eventually, and that is apparent through many styles this year being straight out of the ’70s. Skirts paired with the previously mentioned crewneck sweatshirts is top charts.

Last but definitely not least, shoes! Shoes have the ability to tie every outfit together. Top shoes of this season include Converse, Nike Blazers, platform shoes and another timeless item, leather boots. Dr. Martens are a main trend this year, whether they be short, lace up or platform, all are trending. Platform versions of several different shoes have come to life this year, whether they be Dr. Martens or Converse.

Although all these items are trending, always remember to wear what makes you most comfortable and what you find suits you the best. If you like it, wear it!