Why Students Should Not Have Homework

Emily Shumaker, Sports Editor

Students spend seven hours a day at school, only to be sent home with even more work to complete. Each teacher has a little less than an hour to get their lessons in each day, five days a week. With a total of seven teachers every day, students are already being overloaded with knowledge from all different topics. By the time the bell rings for class to be dismissed for the day, the only thing on the student body’s mind is food and sleep.

Teachers often put missing grades in soon after an assignment is due, which is completely understandable. The problem with that is, it is easy to overlook a homework assignment when you have multiple to do each night. If a student accidently forgets to submit one, a missing grade is put in and their grade in the class drops. This results in their GPA dropping as well, all because of one overlooked homework assignment.

Teachers often encourage students to join extracurriculars in hopes that it will make them more appealing to colleges. These same teachers then assign homework to be done every night. It is not reasonable to expect a student to be involved in clubs and sports while also completing the teacher’s assignment. An hour a day is plenty of time for teachers to get in their lesson plan without needing to send students home with extra work. Many teenagers already have busy lives, the addition of work at home just doesn’t make sense.