TikTok Has Pros and Cons

Madison Patel

TikTok is a form of media that everyone just installed as a joke at first: however, as it has come to be one of the most popular apps over the past three years, it has become more serious for users.  This app is not just a place for people to post themselves dancing anymore, it has many other uses.

This app has created yet another way for people to stay in contact with one another in different ways than other social media platforms provide.  It can spark creativity among younger as well as older people. Users can create their own unique and personalized ideas into trends.  These trends and creativity don’t have set limits or standards on what they have to be, allowing users, especially teens, to be able to relate or open up about situations they maybe not feel comfortable talking about otherwise. This app has helped many to know that they are not alone in hard situations.

Lastly, one of the best benefits of TikTok is being able to stay updated with news.  This app is updated by the second with news, so those who may not watch the news, especially teens, can stay updated on major events happening in the world.  It gives a perfect short and simple version of these updates, however if you start truly looking into these news topics you must be careful about how truthful this information is and how much of it is just opinions.

This app has many benefits to society, however, with every social media app comes the typical cons.  Every time you install apps like these you risk being exposed to inappropriate content and cyber bullying.  This is not just a problem with TikTok, it is a problem with every social media app, and it is no hidden secret.  All of these apps can be a distraction to schoolwork, or life in general if you do not limit yourself.  Watching videos of “beauty standards” can really tweak the mental health of users, especially teens.  It can spark new insecurities in places one didn’t realize they could be self-conscience.

TikTok has many pros and cons like any social media platform does.  When installing apps like these you set yourself up for these objectives.  TikTok has many unique benefits compared to other social media apps due to its unique set up. Although almost every user installed this app as a joke at first, it is no joke that it has legitimate benefits.