Still Over It


Maliyah Jones

Over the past few weeks, much anticipation has formed around Summer Walkers new album. African American singer-songwriter, Summer Walker, born April 11, 1996, rose to fame quickly over the last few years. She’s been a highly regarded and influential artist since she came to fame with songs like “Girls Need Love” and “Playing Games”.  

Walkers last album, titled “Over It”, debuted in 2019, so the anticipation was high. This album featured artists like Jhene Aiko, 6LACK, Usher, etc. Since this album was such a hit, fans expected nothing less fromthe new album. Along with fans expectations and the two year wait, people were on their toes for the new release.

On November 5, 2021 Walker dropped her newest album, “Still Over It”. Fans raved over this long awaited project. The album features many popular artists including SZA, City Girls, Lil Durk and more. For Walker, this album encompasses learning what love is, not settling for less, knowing your worth, and learning from past mistakes. Overall this album can teach many lesson and is a great listen.