The Best Team in the NFL: The Broncos

Jane Taylor

The Broncos, founded in 1949, is one of the best football teams to come out of the NFL.

The Broncos have only three Super Bowl wins, but some of the greatest players have come out of this team. Peyton Manning, one of the best quarterbacks in history, came from this team. Manning makes up the perfect description of a quarterback. His intelligence, leadership skills and poise were some of the many traits that added to this great team. Watching Peyton as quarterback was always a highlight of the game. He was very smart with his plays and had many code-words to help his team figure out the next play based on the opposing team’s defense set-up.

Every player on the team was very smart as well as Peyton, and each player put in the work for their Super Bowl win in 2015. Outside linebacker, Von Miller, was voted Super Bowl 50 MVP, which I think is a big mistake considering it was Peyton Manning’s retirement year, and he was the main man that led the team to a Super Bowl. Von Miller was recently traded to the Rams for the number two and three spot draft picks next year. The latest Broncos versus Cowboys win is very interesting to me considering Miller was traded not even a week before the game. The final score was 30-16, with all of the Cowboys touchdowns and field goals in the last quarter.