Top-Ten Hottest Current NFL Players

Jane Taylor

It’s that time of year where all the leaves fall, the apple cider gets brought out, and you cuddle up by the fire. It’s also that time of year for some of the most ripped and hottest men to do what they do best: play football. I am a sucker for cute football players, so according to me, these are currently the best-looking teammates in the league.

In 10th place we have Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chief’s quarterback.

In ninth place we have Najee Harris, the Steeler’s running back.

In eighth place we have Danny Amendola, the Texan’s wide receiver.

In seventh place we have Aaron Rodgers, the Packer’s quarterback.

In sixth place we have Odell Beckham Jr., the Brown’s wide receiver.

In fifth place we have Desean Jackson, the Raider’s wide receiver.

In fourth place we have Cam Newton, currently a free agent, but previously the Patriot’s quarterback in 2020.

In third place we have Emmanuel Jackson, the Bill’s wide receiver.

These two players were a very close call, but the correct play had to be chosen.

In second place we have Eric Decker, the Bronco’s wide receiver.

In first place we have Mychal Kendricks, an Eagle’s linebacker.