Is College Right For You?

Dana Hernandez

When deciding between a college degree or no college degree, it is important to keep your best interest in mind. With that, you can choose which factors are important to you and which side to consider. Your intended career goals will assist you in providing the answer to whether you should pursue a college degree or start you career.

Attending college can be beneficial and is the route many students are expected to take. Remember not to allow others to influence your college decision. If you want to go far and apply to a dream school, then do so. If your dream school happens to be ten minutes away from home, then that is just as great too. Wherever you end up you will be surrounded by people with interests similar to and different from yours, creating more accessible network opportunities. Other benefits of attending college are an 87 percent employment rate and a larger pool of job options.

Another route is to not attend college and begin working, trying new things and taking risks. While some people may frown upon this option, it has its benefits such as no debt from student loans and real-world experiences through maximization of professional experiences. Many can find internet, social or business-related jobs. In addition, according to the Washington Post in 2013 only 27 percent of college graduates have a job related to their major. Although many feel you need a “college education” to be successful, self-education can work just as well. If you do not feel that college will aid you in success and instead hinder you, then consider pursuing what you truly want to do.

After reaching out to a couple of students on their plans after high school, here is the feedback received.

“I don’t really want to go to college. I would rather move to a big city and pursue my dreams but because of the stigma society has around not going to college, I feel obligated.”

“I had always had dreams of going to a big college and having fun, but once I reached senior year I realized that life is about so much more than going to a big college and being like everybody else. I only wanted to do that to fit in with everybody else.  For me personally, I believe that staying at a community college would make me the happiest in the end.”

“I am excited to really dig down on specific area of interest, therefore I am excited to attend a college.”

The next time you are deciding on your anticipated university or life outside of high school, remember to make the best decision for yourself. Do not let the stigmas revolved around either affect your decisions, no matter how hard it is.