Domestic Violence Victim Saved by TikTok Hand Signal


This hand signal, spotted on TikTok, led to the rescue of a domestic violence victim.

Aneeza Ali , Newswriter

Who would have known that a gesture seen on the popular social media platform TikTok could save somebody’s life? 

 A missing 16-year-old girl was found in Kentucky after a bystander had seen her hold up a distress signal. The signal involves wrapping your fingers over your thumb and tucking the thumb inside. On the I-75 Interstate, someone had noticed her cry for help and recognized the symbol that alerts viewers if they are in danger on TikTok. The authorities were then immediately called. 

This signal originated from the Canadian Women’s Foundation, intended for those who may need virtual assistance because there were barriers between screen to screen. It then formulated onto TikTok used in many acting schemes that some play on the app. They roleplayed as these victims using the symbol breaking a surge of popularity.  

After the authorities arrived on the scene, the bystander was correct. A 61-year-old man was arrested for possession of material that showed the sexual content of a minor. He was also arrested for unlawful imprisonment of the child.