Christmas Traditions

Liliauna Nichols

Christmas, the best time of the year. Even though its only November, I’m the type of person that’s already preparing for Christmas. Christmas, in my opinion is the best time of year. Everyone is happy, smiling and just overall nicer. Little kids are preparing for Santa and parents are excited to give their kids their presents. Christmas traditions are something that I look forward to every year.

After asking different people “What’s a Christmas tradition you or your family participates in?” I quickly realized that they’re many different ones that I’d never even heard or thought of.

A Christmas tradition my family participates in is that we all spend the night at my grandmother’s house on Christmas eve and wake up on Christmas morning together and open presents. This is one of my favorite things and I will continue forever.

After asking math teacher Leo McKinely, what’s a Christmas tradition he participates in he responded, “We all come over to my house and eat and open up presents.” He also said, “The day after Christmas, we make up early and go to the after Christmas sales at the mall and other stores!”

Next, I asked junior Abigail Wurth, who said that her family tradition is wearing matching pajamas on Christmas morning.

Teacher Laura Vaughn said that her family always makes potato candy. This is unique and I’m sure very special to her family.

Junior Alex Baeza says that her family always opens one present on Christmas Eve.

Sophomore Ava Smith said that her and her family always eats breakfast on Christmas morning.