What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Says About You

Madison Patel

Thanksgiving meals can vary a lot between people.  What might be one person’s absolute favorite Thanksgiving dish may be what another person loathes. These dishes are usually not typical everyday meal foods. Thanksgiving may be the only time you eat these foods throughout the year.  Therefore, your favorite dishes can say a lot about who you are as a person. I picked the most common Thanksgiving meals to breakdown what they say about you:

Mashed Potatoes– If you like mashed potatoes, you like to stick with what you know and can be extremely indecisive. You are the quiet one at the table that just likes to listen in on the drama. You are an extremely chill and fun person to be around. You are probably a little bit basic, but still very energetic and unique. You can be very empathetic towards others and are always very genuine.

Turkey- Everyone is pretty much obligated to eat turkey on Thanksgiving, but if you enjoy it or it is your favorite dish you are lying to yourself. You say it’s your favorite dish just to fit in and you are just searching for attention. Your real favorite dish is cranberry sauce, but you don’t want to admit it.  You can be a very fake friend to others, but you always know how to comfort someone and give great advice when needed.

Cranberry Sauce- If cranberry sauce is your favorite dish you are the outcast. If you even like cranberry sauce a little bit, you are probably an outcast as well. You are the only one there even considering putting cranberry sauce on your plate. You are the one who has brought a new significant other to every Thanksgiving saying, “This is the one.”  You think its quirky to do things that are actually just annoying to everyone else. But, most importantly you love your grandma and your mom a lot, and they are your two best friends.

Stuffing- If stuffing is your favorite dish you’ve probably had major childhood trauma, you are the middle child, or you like extreme heavy metal music. You are living the best life out of anyone at that table on Thanksgiving and everyone envies that. However, everyone loves you because of your sense of humor.

Hash Brown Casserole- If hash brown casserole is your favorite dish, you are absolutely elite. You are the life of the party and Thanksgiving isn’t the same without you. You are the one constantly catching up with people at the table and the center of attention. You have a very dark sense of humor that most people love, but others can find it offensive. You can easily make friends with anyone you meet very quickly.

This Thanksgiving really take into consideration what your favorite dish is. Do you really want to be an outcast, or would you rather be normal and put any other dish on your plate? I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and remember, NO cranberry sauce!