How to Ace the ACT


Maliyah Jones

Senior Maddie VanderBoegh preps online for the ACT.

Now that we are deep into the school year, many students are signing up for the ACT. The ACT is an important test that colleges will consider when looking at applicants. ACT scores are also important when applying for scholarships because most scholarships will have certain ACT and/or GPA requirements. Not to mention, students must at least reach benchmark to be “college ready” for graduation. Many times, ACT scores can be essential to a student’s life after high school. 

Many students stress about the test and what their scores will be. This stress can cloud the mind during the test, resulting in some students not performing their best. Testing stress and anxiety is not always the easiest obstacle to conquer. There are tips and strategies that can help, not only with the stress, but on the actual test as well. Rather than stressing out, here are some tips and tricks that could help raise your scores and reduce stress: 

  • Get a good night’s rest with at least eight hours of sleep. In addition, eating a balanced breakfast can help ease your nerves surrounding the test 
  • Work on the questions out of order. Many times, the harder questions are in the back so working out of order will allow you to get the easier questions out of the way, leaving more time for challenging problems. This will help with time management and getting everything answered. 
  • Choose a letter of the day. This will help with questions you are completely unsure about. Being consistent with the letter you choose will more than likely help. It’s important to not leave anything blank, because it will just count against you. 
  • Do ACT prep beforehand. Using some actual form of ACT prep can give you a feel of the test and will help you be more comfortable with the style and format. 

There are many more section specific tips that may also be of aid to you, but overall following these four strategies listed will help tremendously. With that being said, good luck on your next ACT!