Simple necessities for college

Emily Shumaker, Sports Editor

If you’re a senior and plan on going to college next year, knowing what to bring can be very stressful. Although it’s not completely different from high school, there are some things that could make your college experience a little easier.

A sturdy backpack doesn’t sound very important, but it can be a life saver. Going from class to class as well as coffee-shops and other places to study, your backpack can be put through a lot. A nice reliable backpack is definitely a necessity for any college.

Another simple but important necessity is a calendar or planner. While in college, you could have three classes Tuesday, one Thursday and two Friday. In order to stay on top of every class it is important to write down and keep track of every assignment. A planner could be what saves you from failing that one class you can’t afford to fail.

Lastly, a mobile laundry bag is a huge necessity for college. If you choose to stay in a dorm, the laundry room is most likely being shared between multiple people and rooms. Often the laundry room is in another building or on a different floor then where your dorm will be located. An easy, mobile laundry basket can make doing laundry 10x easier and prevents you from having to walk down flights of stairs with a big laundry basket on your shoulder.

Although it seems weird, items as simple as a backpack, planner and laundry can completely change your college experience. These are only three out of a list of hundreds little small things you can do, but they are definitely some of the most important. Getting these things, along with the motivation to actually use them, is definitely a good idea.