Christmas List for Gym-Rats

Madison Patel

Christmas lists are always a difficult thing to come up with as you grow out of asking for the newest toy to wanting to become your local gym’s biggest meathead. You are always thinking of things you want throughout the year, but just as Christmas sneaks up on you, your mind goes blank. I made it easier for all you gym rats this year and made a list for you:

Gym clothes– Ask for those high-end athletic clothing brands such as Lululemon or Gym Shark. Boys can show their style by asking for a good pair of 5-inch inseam shorts or a new tank. Girls can ask for a new workout tops, biker shorts or a new pair of leggings. Whether you are a boy or girl you can never go wrong with asking for a good sweatshirt (pump cover).

Flat-soled shoes– These are always great for lifting and can always be stylish outside of the gym. Shoes such as Nike Blazers, Converse or Vans are always great options. You can get a variety of wear out of all of these shoes.

Supplements– Finding good supplement such as protein powder, pre-workout, or creatine is a personal preference more than anything.  Find your preferred brand and flavor. There are a variety of selections from basic chocolate to fruity pebbles. These workout necessities are always a good item to put on your list.

Recovery Items– You can never recover from a good workout too much! Ask for a good foam roller to relax your sore muscles and roll out those knots. You could also ask for a massage gun if you are looking for a deeper muscle recovery or for those hard-to-reach places. These are a great inexpensive relaxation and recovery for everyday use.

Earbuds or Headphones– Nobody ever wants to listen to the bland music they blast at the gym. It is crucial to have a good pair of earbuds to blast your own music and tune everyone else out. Noise-cancelling headphones such as AirPod Pros are always a great item to put on your Christmas list. If you are worried about them falling out of your ears, try the Powerbeats Pro that have ear-hooks to ensure they will stay in your ear when you are working out.

Don’t put more stress on yourself on top of school this year with creating a Christmas list. My weekly straightforward lists should provide an easy guide to your Christmas shopping cart. Save yourself from aimlessly walking around the mall, to preordering clothes for your gym rat family.