Student Commentary: Why You Should Stay Active in Winter

Jackson Williams

Fall nears its end and winters comes closer each day. With the dropping temperatures and the decreased amount of light it is very easy to not stay active in the cold. This means having a healthy diet and keeping active is very important activity to maintain throughout winter.

The first reason to stay active in winter is to improve and maintains one’s immune system. With colds and the flu on the rise, having an effective immune system is more important than ever. Simple movement will suffice as well; you don’t need to run all the time. Simply go for a walk or play with your dog.

Staying active also improves your mood, releasing chemicals in your brain called endorphins that help you sleep along with many other benefits. It also helps you stay in shape, burning down the extra calories and fats gained by winter’s food. You live longer as a result thanks to staying in shape, all providing reasons to exercise in the winter.

You don’t even have to lift or do cardio to get these benefits. You can walk or do sit-ups in the morning. You could do pushups or play with your pet to exercise. The benefits from being active are so important to keep in the cold months of the year, and your body will thank you.