New Quiet Space Offers a Getaway for Teachers


Grace Mabry

With the holidays coming up, Paducah Tilghman has given their faculty and staff something to be thankful for. The new teachers’ quiet space in the main office is open for teachers to use.

quiet space is provided by Tilghman’s student council. The student council has been very kind to have included a fully stocked coffee and a hot chocolate bar. There will be a money jar in the quiet space for donations towards the coffee bar to continue keeping it replenished. This donation jar is completely optional, but the student council would appreciate the donations.

The teachers’ safe space has many uses aside from enjoying coffee. There is a table space to eat and work if you need a quiet space to do so outside of your classroom.

The decorations and artwork that will fill the quiet space have been graciously donated by the makerspace in the hub and Mr. Romang’s art classes. The art classes have been working on painting a mural of 9 canvases that were also donated by the student council.