Friendsgiving: A New Thanksgiving Tradition

Abigail Wurth, Staff Writer

While Thanksgiving is typically thought of as a holiday spent with family, family is not the only people in our lives that we are thankful for. While family play an integral role on our lives, so do our friends. They help to shape us into the people we are and are there to support us when we are down or going through a tough time, so why do we only celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving with our family if they are not the only people that we are thankful for? This is where the Friendsgiving gathering comes into play.

Friendsgiving is a meal shared between friends around Thanksgiving. It does not replace the traditional Thanksgiving festivities, but rather, is just an addition. Friends often become like family when family is not close, so the emergence of this event is not a surprise.  This event first began to take place around 2007, but the tradition really began to take off in 2012.  These meals are not typically your traditional Thanksgiving meals but are usually a potluck style meal as to not place a burden on the host and to make this meal a simple, easy get-together to celebrate friendship. When asked what she like about Friendsgiving, junior Alicia Durfee stated, “I like it because it’s a time for everyone to get together and enjoy their favorite meals.  I think it’s a great time to just appreciate each other and the friendships that you have.” While these types of gatherings are more popular among younger crowds, such as teenagers and millennials, this does not mean that they cannot become a tradition for everyone.

While Thanksgiving is typically considered by many a very traditional holiday, try adding something new to your Thanksgiving traditions this year.  Add a Friendsgiving meal to your list of traditions. Consider getting your friends together and enjoying a simple meal and enjoy the time you get to spend together and be thankful for each other.