Christmas List for Beauty Gurus

Madison Patel

Christmas lists are always a difficult thing to come up with.  You grow out of asking for the newest Barbie, to wanting all the new beauty products on the line.  You are always thinking of things you want throughout the year, but just as Christmas sneaks up on you, your mind goes blank.  I made it easier for all your beauty gurus this year and made a list for you:

Gua Sha- If you are a guru that has TikTok, it is guaranteed that you want a Gua Sha on your Christmas list.  This tool has gone viral for applying skincare and face sculpting and has users obsessed with it.  This could become a great tool to incorporate into your daily skincare routine.

High frequency tool- A high frequency tool has the most variety than any other product on the market.  It is used to treat a variety of conditions, such as acne, acne scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles and dark or puffy eyes.  Although it can be a hassle, users have raved about this tool and cannot get enough of it.  This can be expensive, but there are some very cheap ones out there as well.

Skincare mini fridge- For gurus who like to go the extra step in taking care of their skin and keeping their products organized, a skincare mini fridge would be a great item to add to your list.  Refrigerating your skincare items such as serums and face masks is beneficial to reduce swelling, calm irritated skin, and just provides a cooling effect when applying your products.

The Ordinary serums- For those of you who just can’t get enough products, The Ordinary serums are a great item to ask for. They are known to be extremely good quality products for cheap prices. They have a wide variety of serums for every skin problem you could think of. These serums are great gift to fix all your skin needs.

Eyelash growth serum- Growth serums are great for those of you who struggle with shorter eyelashes.  These can be pricey but are worth it.  They work miracles and significantly adds length to your lashes.  This product can also repair damaged lashes or lashes that tend to fall out. Put this product on your list if you desire to have those long luscious lashes.

Nail gift card- If you really don’t know what to ask for, put a gift card to your favorite nail salon on your list.  This is a gift you can use to really treat yourself for whenever you choose. It is a present you can never really be disappointed in and will make it extremely easy for those shopping for you.

Don’t put more stress on yourself on top of school this year with creating a Christmas list. My weekly straightforward lists should provide an easy guide to your Christmas shopping cart. Save yourself and others from aimlessly walking around the mall and guide your shoppers through your skincare and makeup obsession.