Mask Mandate Starts Up Again

Maddie VanderBoegh

Paducah Public Schools announced that starting Monday, Dec. 7, a mask mandate will be in effect weekly. This means that all students and faculty, vaccinated or not, will have to wear masks again all day. When saying it will be monitored weekly, this means that at the end of every week it will be decided if we must continue wearing masks at the start of the next week. This is determined by the number of COVID-19 cases in our area at that time. If the number of cases decreases, we may be lucky enough to be able to not wear a mask anymore, but if not, we will continue to wear our masks. 

A few students were asked their opinions about the mask mandate starting up again. These were their responses. 

“I think wearing masks doesn’t stop anything and it’s hectic,” said senior Jadon Hart. 

“I don’t care to wear it, but I have gotten used to being able to talk without having one on,” said senior Maci Robinson

“I love it,” said junior Paul Mcknight.