Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army

Chances are good that you have seen someone standing outside of a store ringing a bell. The popular Salvation Army fundraiser involves standing outside in the cold, hoping people drop money into red pots. The hope for this year’s goal is to raise $150,000, but sadly more bell ringers are needed to raise enough money to do this. The money made from ringing will go to utility expenses, like food, operating bills, and more services.

If you want to donate, many different stores will have ringers outside and you can drop cash inside of the bucket, or you can use your phone to scan a QR code on the outside of a bucket.

Finally, the most needed part of this money raising goal is volunteers. If you want to volunteer, you can go to and create an online profile. This will allow you to sign up for bellringing jobs when and where you want. The Salvation Army will appreciate your service, and it will be great for resumes and service hours for clubs.