Sweet Holiday Treats to Enjoy


Maliyah Jones

Since Christmas is right around the corner, many are looking for simple and delicious treats to try out. These easy treats are perfect for work parties, sleepovers, children’s Christmas parties, etc., and are fun for all ages. Making these treats make for an enjoyable time and will put everyone in the holiday spirit.

For these two treats you will need: 

  • Long pretzel rods 
  • Strawberries 
  • White and Regular melting chocolates 
  • Decorating icing of choice 
  • Red, white, and green sprinkles 
  • Red, white, and green M&Ms 

The first treat is Christmas-themed pretzels. These are a fun tasty treat that will take less than ten minutes. For this treat you will need the pretzels, melting chocolates of choice (milk chocolate or white chocolate), sprinkles, and the M&Ms. First, place your preferred amount of melting chocolates in a microwave safe bowl and slowly heat them until they are a smooth liquid consistency. Once the chocolates are completely melted, dip the long pretzels into the chocolate, where half of the pretzel is covered. Once the pretzel is dipped, cover the chocolate in the sprinkles and M&Ms. When all the decorating is done set the pretzels to cool and dry. When you are done you should have pretzels with a perfect holiday twist. 

For the second treat you will need strawberries, white melting chocolate, and decorating icing. First, melt the chocolates, like in treat number one. Next, dip the strawberries into the white melting chocolate. Once your preferred number of strawberries are dipped, set them to the side to cool and harden. Once the chocolate shell is solidified, take the decorating icing, and neatly draw a snowman face on the front of the strawberries. Be sure to make it fun and use your imagination when decorating. Let your snowman faces dry and then you are done! You now have the most adorable holiday snowmen. Now, there’s only one final step: Enjoy.