Help Santa Stuff Their Stockings This Christmas

Ashlyn Story

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your family members? With Christmas quickly approaching, you may find yourself and the people around you scrambling to find the perfect, small, last-minute gift. Look no further, because here are the best stocking stuffers of this holiday season, for every member of your family, that they’re guaranteed to love.

There are many great options for gifts for your mom, show that you care through choosing some of her favorite things. Your mom may love to receive her favorite lotion, a new candle in her preferred scent, or a new bottle of her favorite nail polish. If your mom particularly enjoys snuggling up on the couch with a good drink and book, consider gifting her a mug, along with coffee or tea, a fuzzy blanket or socks, and a new book.

Most people believe dads are very hard to buy for, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Dads love anything you give them because it came from you. Your dad may love to receive new socks, underwear, a mini tool kit, a grill kit, a new travel coffee mug, or if he likes to grow out his facial hair, a beard grooming kit. Dads tend to be practical in gift giving, so do the same for him and gift him with something convenient, useful and enjoyable.

The holidays are the perfect time of year to settle your disputes with your siblings and show how much you truly love them through the thoughtful gifts you give. Older siblings are very easy to please through small gifts such as these stocking stuffers. Your older brother may love a new mini-Bluetooth speaker, a new lanyard for their car keys, socks, underwear, or a new sports ball or other equipment. Your older sister may enjoy lots of different self-care items, such as face masks, Chapstick, lotion or body spray. They may also enjoy other items, such as a trendy new beanie, reusable metal straws, or just like for your brother, a mini-Bluetooth speaker.

Younger siblings will be entertained by and enjoy any toy you get for them. Their favorites for this year may be pop-its or any kind of fidget toys, coloring books and markers, toy cars, miniature dolls, new sports balls or jump ropes, squish mallows or any kind of stuffed animals, or fuzzy socks.

You can never leave out your pets when it’s time to open gifts on Christmas, just imagine their sad eyes watching everyone have fun without them! Cats would enjoy treats, a cat wand toy, a fun laser pointer, and maybe slightly more enjoyable for you than them, a new collar or cute outfit. Dogs are very similar, gift your dog a new squeaky toy/chew toy, treats, or a new outfit.

Remember, the holidays are a time for kindness, compassion, and spreading the spirit through giving and providing company to those who need it in this time. Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!