STUDENT COMMENTARY: Why Country Music Is Underrated

Jane Taylor

Don’t worry. this article isn’t about some redneck human who drinks too much and has a mullet. I think country music is often altered in many people’s opinions based on the stereotypes given to the people who write them. I’m not saying those stereotypes aren’t true by any means, because some of them probably are. But many artists who get gathered in this group of singers are classified as “redneckers” when that’s not the case at all.

Famous singers like George Strait, Alan Jackson and Kenny Rogers (some of the true country singers) are seen as bad because other singers, such as HARDY, for example are setting the stereotype. Much of the new country music nowadays is pretty much guys with mullets who couldn’t get into a fraternity in college and got their heartbroken one time and decided they were going to do shots every night and get drunk.

They make awful music (a.k.a HARDY). On the other hand, there are many good country artists who come out with good music that is very enjoyable and who produce overall good music. Singers like Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs, Zac Brown Band and Josh Turner all sing great songs, and for the most part, don’t fit into the “rednecker” category.

My advice to you is to go pull up some good classic songs from George Strait or look at newer songs by Morgan Wallen to get a great taste of good country music.