Christmas List For Nature Lovers

Madison Patel

Christmas lists are always a difficult thing to come up with as you grow out of asking for the newest toy, to simply just wanting to enjoy nature. You are always thinking of things you want throughout the year, but just as Christmas sneaks up on you, your mind goes blank.  I made it easier for all you nature lovers this year and made a list for you:

Carhartt Beanie- These beanies have been trending for a year now, and not just for nature lovers. They come in a large variety of colors and styles to fit your personal style. This is a great item to keep you warm when you are out enjoying nature on a hike, or even just in everyday life.

Patagonia Fleece Pullover- Patagonia pullovers are a great way to style your warmth. They have a large variety of fun patterns and materials, but they also have plain and simple colors to fit your desires. This is a great clothing item to have to dress in layers, and still look presentable.

Yeti or Hydroflask Water Bottle– These water bottles are known to have great performance in keeping your beverage of choice hot or cold. This is a great item that is needed on every adventure and that will definitely go to good use. You can even ask for stickers to add to your water bottle to personalize to your liking.

Go Pro- This item can be pricey, but it is great to document all your adventures. They are waterproof as well, so you can capture great shots of things you would not be able to on any other device. This is a great item to make sure you capture every moment and can look back on every memory.

Fitness Band- This is another pricey item that is most definitely worth the splurge. A fitness band such as a Fitbit or an Apple Watch can help you to track your steps and reach your fitness goals while taking in nature or hiking. If you ask for an Apple Watch, it can also have many other uses other than fitness tracking, such as calls or texts. You will be happy you put this on your Christmas list once you notice that it is something you can use and benefit from every day.

Don’t put more stress on yourself on top of school this year with creating a Christmas list. Save yourself and your family from frantically shopping last minute because you are still unsure on what you want. My final weekly straightforward list should provide an easy guide to your Christmas shopping cart.