Maliyah Jones

As the week begins many students are finding themselves stressed about upcoming finals. Test taking causes many students to have stress, thoughts of self-doubt, and be emotionally in distress. Many times this stress prevents students from not performing to their fullest potential. 

There are plenty of ways students can eliminate their  concerns about finals while also performing their best. Here are some tips students can use to do their best on upcoming finals: 

One thing that can help students improve their testing is finding a good study technique. There are countless study techniques, so students should choose the specific technique that best fits them. A simple way students can study is by using notes and study guides to re-write important key words, definitions, and important information they might be tested on. This will help students comprehend the tested information.

Another tip is thoroughly reading the questions. This tip seems very simple, yet it’s very important. Many times the stress prevents students from taking their time to actually understand the questions. Students taking their time, breathing, and reading the entire question and answers can tremendously help students calm down and fully focus. This will ultimately help students do their best. 

One last tip students can use is skipping the hardest questions and saving them for the end. Doing this allows students to get the quick and easy questions out of the way, leaving the most time for the most difficult questions. Many times students will waste time trying to figure out the hardest questions, leaving insufficient time to answer the stuff they know. This will help students improve their testing time management, which ultimately will positively affect their scores. 

All of these tips used together is guaranteed to yield a passing grade.