How You Can Take Part in the Tornado Cleanup


133rd Mobile Public Affairs Deta

Army Guardsmen with the 301st Chemical Battalion and Air Guardsmen with the 123rd Airlift Wing continue search and rescue missions in Mayfield, Ky. on December 12th, 2021. “I feel like extraction training has prepared me really well for a real world scenario like this,” said Pvt. Tyler Price, 301st Chem. Co. “We have shown that we have a really good response time with people coming together from all over the state and they have all been able to get here quickly.”

Jack Butts, Sports Editor

On the night of Friday, Dec. 10 and early Saturday morning a devastating tornado passed through the Mayfield and Marshall County areaS. This tornado has devastated many people by destroying homes, taking lives and ruining a tightly knitted community. Many church groups and youth groups have volunteered to help take charge in rebuilding Western Kentucky.

The community is calling for anyone to come help rebuild the town that everyone knows and loves. They need help picking up ruble of knocked down buildings including the candle factory which claimed the lives of nine people. The factory had 109 people working and nine of those lives were lost when the tornado completely destroyed the whole building and left many buried.

The people of Mayfield and Marshall need water, toiletries, canned food and many prayers. Anything will help and volunteers of all ages can come help by picking up the ruble and passing out food and water to those to need it. Church organizations will gladly accept any donations including money to help all of those in need; so please come together and help rebuild the communities around us.