STUDENT COMMENTARY: De-Stress During Finals Week

Ashlyn Story

For many high school students, the mention of a demanding finals week brings on a dreadful feeling of stress and worry. With the already high levels of anxiety in most teenagers, any added stress can be detrimental to their usual life balance and health. Although it may feel like there is no escape, there are things that can help with these overwhelming feelings. The number one thing to remember is to always take care of your body and mind above anything else. If you find yourself struggling during the upcoming week, consider doing these things.

One of the simplest, but most helpful things that you can do to help yourself during your studying is taking short breaks. Studies show that taking breaks during studying can improve your attention and focus. If you study for thirty-to-forty minutes, take a ten-to-fifteen-minute break. Get up from your seat, get a snack or drink, stretch, and relax your mind before you start studying again.

Another strategy you can attempt to help your stress levels is to write down and schedule out which days each final is on, how much you feel you need to study for it, and the exact night and times you are going to dedicate to preparing for it. This is an organization tactic that can help battle overwhelming feelings. You can handwrite it a planner, enter it in a planner app, or simply type it in your notes app. Anything helps! Remember to schedule your studying to end at an appropriate time for you to get plenty of relaxation and rest so you are energized for the following day.

After your scheduled study time, make sure you take time to recharge mentally by doing something calming and enjoyable. This could mean taking a hot shower, watching your favorite show or movie, reading a book, talking to your friends, or any other type of self-care, such as painting your nails or putting on a face mask.

Always remember to prepare for your test, but do not push yourself farther than what you can handle. Everyone has their limits and personal best, and that differs from person to person. Remember you are more than a test score, so do your best and everything will work out! Good luck to all PT students taking finals this week!