Six Tilghman Students Chosen to Participate a Paxton Scholars Program

Six Tilghman Students Chosen to Participate a Paxton Scholars Program

Dana Hernandez

The McCracken County Community Career Endowment (MCCCE) has selected six Paducah Tilghman High School Juniors as the Class #7 participants of the 2021 Paxton Scholars Program. Those students are Justice Campbell, Kauri Whitfield, Dasia Garland, Coy Booker, Christopher Allen and Joemari Starks. These outstanding and academically achieving students were selected from nineteen other applicants from McCracken County and Paducah Independent Schools districts.

The Paxton Scholars Program moves to empower students to improve academic performance and preparation for college transition. The selected scholars receive college scholarship funds based on the GPA during their junior and senior year and the first and second semester of college. A new laptop and backpack will also be presented to six of the scholars.

“It feels like the work I’ve put in during high school is being recognized in a way that lets me shine a light on my culture my peers at the same time. I’m honored to be chosen and grateful for the Paxton program,” said recipient Coy booker.

“It honestly feels good. It makes me feel like academically I’m doing better than I thought because people are willing to assist me towards getting my higher education,” said Dasia Garland

“I am proud to accomplish this goal, and to have a chance to be a 1st generation college student,” said Chris Allen

MCCE was organized in 2006 after receiving a $1 million donor-directed endowment. In addition to the Paxton Scholars Program, the endowment continues awarding scholarships and educational assistance to students who want to continue their post-secondary educations. We are so proud of our Tilghman student’s for achieving such prestigious award.