STUDENT COMMENTARY: The Beginnings of Senioritis

Lily Holm

Christmas break marks the halfway point for senior year which means graduation is a mere five months away. For many seniors, the dreaded senioritis has begun to creep into their school day. The telltale symptoms are easy to spot and include a significant decrease in motivation, assignments are consistently late or not turned in at all, increased number of absences or tardies and an increased desire to wear only sweatpants and sweatshirts. While there is no cure for senioritis, there are things you can do to curb the symptoms or delay their onset.  

Creating and sticking to a routine is a good place to start. Going to bed at a reasonable time each day will ensure you wake up in time to get ready for the day, eat breakfast and arrive at school on time. Setting aside thirty minutes to an hour to work on homework each day after school will force you to sit down to study or work on those miscellaneous assignments. To take your routine a step further, use a planner, whether that be a physical notebook or just jotted down on your phone calendar. Preparing for your day the night before is also a small habit you can add to your routine. Packing your lunch, laying out your clothes or making your breakfast the night before guarantees you start your morning off on the right foot. 

If you feel you are really struggling with senioritis or other issues, it’s important to talk with someone, whether that be a friend, parent, teacher or guidance counselor. Talking through the complicated feelings that accompany senior year is a healthy coping mechanism, and can offer perspective or advice for how you are feeling.