STUDENT COMMENTARY: The Post-Christmas Depression

Madison Patel

After Thanksgiving all gears shift to Christmas; Christmas music playing in every store, decorations all around town, and Christmas baking aromas filling your house. Everyone is so excited to give and receive presents and be surrounded by loved ones. Students are relieved by the stress of finals being over and being able to get a break from school. The holidays are all-around a joy-filled and relaxing time for all.

The holidays are always given a lot of talk, but the post-Christmas depression is never given any recognition whatsoever. After Christmas, there are no more presents to have the joy of unwrapping, no more mouth-watering holiday treats, and no more Christmas joy spreading throughout town.  Students have the stress of going back to school and getting back into a routine. Nothing after Christmas could possibly be categorized as “fun.”

Coming back to reality and our true everyday lives after being filled with so much love, joy and relaxation is something no one can ever truly avoid.  However, making an effort to keep that love and joy in your life is attainable. Keep those things that make you happiest during the holiday season, such staying in touch with loved ones or keeping an organized school routine to relieve more stress while getting back into school. Post-Christmas depression is a common occurrence among everyone, so you are not alone.