Frannie Hideg Named Paducah Bank Teen of the Week

Abigail Wurth, Staff Writer

Frannie Hideg was the first senior to be named Teen of the Week in 2021, being selected the week of Jan. 1. The Teen of the Week award is given to local high school seniors each week from western Kentucky. Hideg is now eligible to be chosen for the $5,000 scholarship given to the Teen of the Week selected to be Teen of the Year. She is also eligible to win the $1,000 scholarship that accompanies the Inspiration Award.

Hideg is very involved member of the Tilghman community, participating in several sports as well as other clubs and activities. Hideg is a member of both the soccer and tennis teams. She is also involved in Mock Trial, Beta Club and National Honor Society. She also serves as the vice president of the Interact Club.

As far as career paths go, Hideg is interested in aerospace engineering. She wants to purse aerospace engineering because “Space always interested me, and I want to help explore and discover all of the unknowns of space.” As far as where she is wanting to go to college, she is still undecided. She is looking into Auburn University, the University of Tennessee Knoxville, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, St. Louis University and Purdue University. She is considering these universities because “These schools are the closest ones to Paducah that offer aerospace engineering.” She hopes to use her degree to eventually work for NASA, with potential opportunities to eventually work in mission control.