New Covid Variant Found

Maliyah Jones

In the recent weeks, COVID-19 cases have seemed to be at an all time high. Over the course of COVID-19 there have been several new variants and mutations. 

One of the most known and one that has spread rapidly is Omicron. The CDC says Omicron has spread quicker than the original virus and the Delta variant, which makes it detrimental. Even after weeks, new information still comes out as the CDC gets updates. 

One of the most recent variants discovered in Cyprus is Deltacron. Experts say it’s truly a mix of the older variants, Delta and Omicron, both structurally and in its effects. Researchers are trying hard to obtain new information about this variant, and facts seem to be revealed frequently. Cases have risen tremendously in the past weeks because of the rapid spreading rate, like Omicron. 

In light of these new discoveries one of the best ways to keep you and the others around you safe is to be cautious in public, wearing your mask properly, frequent hand washing, and the vaccine plus boosters will ultimately help build immunity and help keep you safer. Any combination of these tips will tremendously lower chances of contracting COVID-19. As these new variants spread more quickly it’s important that everyone is cautious and staying safe.