STUDENT COMMENTARY: Planning Spring Break Festivities

Ashlyn Story

Always looking forward to the next break from school is a very common thing to do, and since Christmas break has now come to an end, the next break to look forward to is spring break! This break rolls around the first week of April, and serves as a refreshing, much needed break from second semester. Many people may choose to travel to a fun location, and others may choose to simply stay home, see their friends and catch up on sleep. Whether you’re wanting to take a long vacation, just a day trip, or make afternoon plans with your friends, here are fun and popular ideas for you!

If you’re looking to book a last-minute getaway, it’s always great to consider a fun trip to the beach! A few popular beach spots are Gulf Shores, Ala., Panama City Beach, Fla., and Destin, Fla.. A few fun, sunny days of warmer weather, gorgeous views, good food, and peaceful relaxation could be just what you need to enjoy your spring break and motivate yourself to finish the semester. If you’re not a beach lover, and maybe prefer the mountains, Gatlinburg, Tenn., may be your perfect destination. Explore downtown, the park, Pigeon Forge shops, or an amusement park like Dollywood.

Another fun and easy idea to fill up your schedule for a day or two during break is to take a daytrip! These trips are almost always guaranteed to be fun, especially if they are last minute plans. Gather a group of your friends and take a little road trip down to Nashville for the day. You could go shopping, see downtown, go out to dinner or take cool pictures. Other ideas for daytrips include Frankfort, Ky., St. Louis, Mo., Clarksville, Tenn., or Louisville.

If you would rather stay in town for spring break, you can still have fun! If you would rather have solo time, go on a peaceful walk or treat yourself to shopping. If you want time with your friends, invite them out to dinner, coffee, a movie, bowling, or to just hang out and spend time together. Some of the best moments are spontaneous, which will allow you to remember the moment forever.